11. Dec, 2020

Rare But Good CNY Goodies

Whenever it comes to Chinese New Year Goodies, you would often think of the common ones like pineapple tarts, kueh bangkit, bak kwa, Mandarin oranges and nian gao. But there are many other rare CNY goodies which you might have hardly heard of. Indeed, as fanciful as they are, they taste so good that it will make you remember them forever. If you are adventurous enough to savour and sample some cool unsual CNY goodies, here are some of those you should consider.

Almond cookies might be familiar to you. How about something similar with the almond flavour and also a special breed of CNY cookies? We are talking about honey almond cookies. It is a goodie cookie full of USA almond nut slices and is full of honey flavour for its honey dip filled cookie. In contrast with the traditional almond cookies, these CNY cookies are more suitable for lovers of nuts.

Another rare CNY goodie worth considering on the plate is the yam paste nian gao tarts. Imagine a hybrid of pineapple tart and nian gao - just that the tarts are not using pineapple jam, but nian gao together with yam paste instead. The base crust is still a buttery pastry.

Pineapple tarts are common CNY goodies. But how about durian tarts - another fruit flavour? People in Singapore love durians but they can only consume them during the peak season which is far from Chinese New Year festival. They can still have their favourite durian flavours in the durian tarts during this annual festival. And they can proudly share such CNY goodies about when friends and relatives come for home visits too.

There are some more amazing CNY cookies that are hardly found in the market. The green pea cookies are such that are handcrafted with ingredients that hail originally from the San Francisco area in USA. It is made of organic sugar, authentic roasted green peas, sunflower oil, organic flour and salt.

If you are tired of the traditional pineapple tarts as traditional CNY goodies, then try out pinepple tarts that are not so traditional. These unconventional pineapple tarts come with parmesan, jackfruit and even chocolate flavours, enmeshed together with the pineapple jam on top of the crust crumbly base.

Another unusual CNY goodies to impress your visitors has bak kwa elements in the desserts. Singaporeans would love them too as they are tau sar piah filled with small pieces of the roasted sweet bak kwa. The nuggets are contained in the flaky fragrant pastry with a bean filling that surrounds. One bite into the pastry would emanate the bak kwa flavour. It is a great unusual mix of CNY goodies altogether.

Many more rare mixes of CNY goodies are available in the market. People have gotten creative and so, they craft such goodies from their imagination and inspirations. To check out more unsual CNY goodies which you can savour together with your friends or loved ones, do check out - https://sethlui.com/chinese-new-year-snacks-food-guide-singapore-2020/